30 Questions at 30!

Sam Horton, Sales & Marketing Recruitment Consultant at Emmerson Kitney turned 30 earlier this month!
To celebrate we thought it would be nice to find a little more out about what makes him tick, floats his boat….and we know that Sam hates being centre of attention 🙂 
Follow the link to view the video of Sam
1. Drink of choice – A nice spice rum & coke
2. Signature meal – Spaghetti Bolognese
3. Coffee order – Americano
4. Ideal Saturday – Playing cricket in the sunshine
5. Favourite social media – It’s all about the ‘gram
6. Currently reading – Daily Mail, I do enjoy my lunch time read
7. Current work out / exercise plan – A variety weights and cardio
8. Favourite flower – Rose
9. Favourite music – Oasis and quite like a bit of dance house music
10. Favourite piece of clothing – I buy everything from All Saints so might have to look at older clothes now I am 30 like Ralph Lauren or Crew. Best get myself to TK Maxx….
11. Morning routine – Depends what mood I’m in but occasionally like to get up early and on to the gym
12. Biggest vice – I can sometimes put my foot in my mouth, just ask my the team here!
13. Are you usually early, on time or late – early
14. Dream holiday destination – It would have to be somewhere where I can explore, like Thailand or Vietnam. I would love to climb Everest past base camp, but not sure to I have the money or capability
15. Biggest achievement in work – Top Biller for Q1 2018 at Emmerson Kitney, hard work paid off!
16. Biggest achievement personally – My degree in Sports Science (well used!!)
17. What’s you middle name – Flippance, my mum hated me…seriously it’s a tradition in the family where the first born takes on mum’s maiden name as middle. So my first child will have Bentley as theirs!
18. Who has inspired you – Joe Makin in Eng & Tech….or Roger Federer with his drive and motivation
19. Favourite job – This one, at Emmerson Kitney
20. When was the last time you lied – Just then….only kidding. When I told my fiancé that I didn’t drink much at the weekend
21. Nerdiest thing about you – I do quite like outdoor programmes like Bear Grylls
22. What makes you mad – when I run out of box sets to watch
23. Last time you cried – I genuinely can’t remember that last time, is that sad?
24. Biggest weakness – Administration, just ask my Manager
25. Thing that scares you – Being stuck somewhere alone, sharks and lots of insects swarming
26. Thing that makes you laugh – things that shouldn’t
27. Last thing you bought yourself – Clothes
28. Life goal – To be rich and have an attractive girl on my arm, in all seriousness ,having a good career and success in life
29. Advise you would give to 18 year old you – Couple of things, don’t take life too seriously and be more adventurous, experience different cities
30. Thing you’re most looking forward to about your 30’s – Making excuses that I am old when I don’t want to do something, rather than just looking like I can’t be bothered. Getting my first house and my wedding day (stag do!!)