Future leaders in the Humber region are set to take part in a new ‘Science behind recruitment’ assessment to find out their full potential

The “Science Behind Recruitment” series of lunchtime workshops launches in Welton on 26 April, with delegates having the opportunity to discover their High Potential Trait Indicators (HPTI).

Hosted by Thomas International, a leading global provider of people assessment tools, and East Riding-based recruitment consultancy Emmerson Kitney, the inaugural event has proved very popular, with places being snapped up only days after launch. Delegates will be taken through Thomas’ HPTI concept before being invited to complete the assessment, which explores an individual’s personality traits and will give them a comprehensive report into their leadership potential.

Only 1% of assessed leaders gain an optimal score in all six categories of conscientiousness; adjustment; curiosity; risk approach; ambiguity acceptance and competitiveness.

Emmerson Kitney director Kate van der Sluis said, “Thomas International’s assessment framework is a great scientific tool, which enables unbiased feedback on a person’s strengths, opportunities for development, and future potential. We are very excited to be able to introduce the future leaders of the region to this methodology”.

Members of the Emmerson Kitney and Smailes Goldie Financial Recruitment teams have recently completed an HPTI Practitioner course, so are now qualified to use the assessment tool to help clients during the recruitment process.

Further workshops are scheduled for July on Mental Agility, using the GIA cognitive ability assessment and in September on Emotional Intelligence using the TEIQue tool. Places are strictly limited, but anyone interested in taking part in the July or September assessment centres should contact futureleaders@emmersonkitney.co.uk