Insights Report Lifts The Lid On Finance Recruitment Challenges

An image showing pages from the latest market insights report

The latest labour market information report from our sister company SG Financial Recruitment has now been published, featuring a range of insights which will help businesses recruit new staff and retain existing employees.
Analysing salary and recruitment trends in accountancy and finance roles across Yorkshire and the Humber, the report is packed with valuable intelligence at a time of skills shortages and high demand.
This includes skills in demand, desirable benefits, salary benchmarks, why people move jobs and staff availability.

Key insights include:

  • Accountancy and finance skills in demand include newly qualified accountants, auditors and finance analysts
  • Nearly 40% of people want flexible working hours, including working from home
  • One in three people move jobs because they need a new challenge

David Kitney, Managing Director of SG Financial Recruitment, said: “Salaries continue to grow year on year with the most in-demand skills seeing the largest growth. We recommend benchmarking all roles to ensure existing staff are paid fairly and employers are able to attract the very best talent in an increasingly competitive market.”

SG Financial Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency working on roles from junior transactional positions to senior professionals with international businesses.
The company can help clients to understand how they can make a role and their business attractive to prospective candidates, and to understand candidates’ potential through psychometric assessments.

If you would like access to the latest accountancy and finance labour market information report or to discuss your recruitment needs, call SG Financial Recruitment on 01482 975960 or email