Unleashing staff potential with Thomas International

East Yorkshire recruitment firm unleashes its staff’s potential through its training academy in conjunction with Thomas International

As a leading local recruitment consultancy, Emmerson Kitney is understandably passionate about not only recruiting, but also retaining and developing, the best staff. Part of the firm’s commitment to this is its on-going training programme, which comprises a blend of mentoring from senior leaders and the globally-acclaimed training from Thomas International.

“How do you begin to unleash an employee’s full potential? How do you help all your staff to be as successful as the top performer? These are the kind of questions we asked ourselves when looking at how to further develop our in-house Academy,” added Nikki Davies, Recruitment Manager, “and it’s important to us that the team feel as though they’re developing both within the role and on a personal level. Working in recruitment, we obviously appreciate how important staff development is to maintain a motivated workforce. We feel that it’s one of the things about working here that really sets us apart from the competition.”

The certified training courses delivered by Thomas International, a leading global provider of people assessment tools and people skills focused training modules, are tailored to the business’ needs and take Emmerson Kitney’s staff on their own developmental journey, Earlier this year, many of the team completed  either Thomas International’s High Potential Trait Indicators, GIA General Intelligence, TEIQue Emotional Intelligence or the PPA Personal Profile Analysis Practitioner course, so are now qualified to use the globally-recognised assessment tool to help clients during the recruitment process. They are also developing the Academy 2 and a Senior Development Programme to help future proof the business and ensure that succession planning is a key part of the business strategy.

Faz Balouchi, Accountancy & Finance Talent Manager, within SG Financial Recruitment (the sister company of Emmerson Kitney) commented: “I started at Emmerson Kitney with a background in business development, which is great for confidence building and learning how to build relationships with your customers, but there’s so much about the recruitment industry that was new to me. So to be given so much support internally from the management team and been ‘buddied’ up with one of the senior consultants to show me best practice and help me learn the ropes was really important to me”.